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Attila is technical at heart and loves innovation, building systems, learning about new technologies and working with customers on the technical and business aspects of cloud computing. He has been with Amazon since October 2004 and currently leads the Solutions Architecture team at Amazon Web Services that is helping European companies move to the cloud. Before joining the AWS Business Development organization, he was one of the key members of the Amazon EC2 Team, managing the design and delivery of several of the currently available Amazon EC2 features.

Prior to joining Amazon, Attila held several software development and leadership roles at Microsoft and served on Bill Gates� Executive Strategy Team building innovative prototypes.
Attila holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Florida.

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Attila's Patents - in the areas of Digital Rights Management (DRM), Internet technologies, security, client/server, and cloud computing.

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Attila's Photography

Netherlands Antilles
Summer 2001

Mamirauá Reserve
Amazonas, Brazil
November 2003

Rio de Janeiro
December 2003

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